The European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) takes seriously its role as a voice in Europe promoting paediatric research and post-graduate training. As
such, it offers a high standard of ethics, a well-structured constitution, superb membership benefits (including affiliate membership of the Society for Pediatric Research), and a first-rate, annual paediatric congress.


ILCOR Continuous Evidence Evaluation
The ILCOR Task Forces are seeking input on the categorization of PICO questions from the 2005, 2010 and 2015 International Consensus Conferences. Combined expertise has categorized these PICO questions into one of four buckets based on existing science and treatment recommendations, and can be found at The public comment period is now open for all categories, including neonatal, pediatric and education/implementation/training. We welcome your comments on the questions and proposed categories.


HiLo Prem Parent Study, an international crossover cluster randomized trial to evaluate whether resuscitation with initial FiO2 of 0.3 vs O.6 improves in-hospital survival in >13,500 preterm infants in over 100 NICUS worldwide.
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New research grant will be available thanks to the ESPR and Cure&Care collaboration
ESPR has collaborated with Cure&Care to establish a new annual research grant to support scientific excellence and research in the area of neonatal care.

This is the first year of the collaboration between ESPR and Cure&Care, which is an educational initiative led by AXON Communications and supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Covidien*.

The annual Cure&Care Award consists of a EUR 3,000 research grant to support either clinical or translational research within the focus area of the award, which will change on an annual basis.

To apply for the 2016 Cure&Care Award, which focuses on the area of neonatal critical care, please send a 2-page project protocol and CV to the ESPR secretariat through MCA (email) no later than the 30 June 2016.

Your submission should include a scientific and referenced description of the research project, in addition to a brief description on how the awarded funds will be used to progress the research project.

All submissions will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee appointed by the ESPR Council. The recipient of the Cure&Care Award will be announced at the upcoming European Academy of Pediatric Societies (EAPS) congress, which will be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from the 21st to the 25th of October 2016.

For more information contact MCA or Prof. Daniele De Luca via

Cure&Care is designed to provide credible, unbiased educational resources to healthcare professionals practicing in the multidisciplinary fields of neonatal intensive care and perioperative medicine. Cure&Care provides an open access online journal (Cure&Care: Journal of Neonatal Intensive Care) and an educational portal, which aim to provide practical advice on key clinical issues, tackle controversial topics on which a consensus is needed, and highlight clinical concerns that need to be addressed in clinical practice (take a look at:

Stay tuned for further updates!

*Covidien is joining Medtronic



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